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VAM A/S – Decency in the system

Demands from a customer began the process of working structurally with CSR for the construction company VAM A/S. The collaboration with Sustainor made it clear that the decency that VAM has always paid great attention to is CSR.  At VAM, you take good care of your employees, look after the resources – and make money from it.

‘Working with CSR makes a lot of sense with regard to our values and way of doing business. Our focus has always been decency, and that is exactly what CSR is all about’, says Stine Hjortshøj Lajer, head of development and innovation at VAM A/S in Vester Alling on Djursland.

VAM chose to hire Sustainor to develop a CSR strategy. The cooperation has so far led to VAM’s release of its first CSR report and its signing on to work with implementing the UN’s Ten Principles of Global Compact.

CSR and a better bottom line

‘CSR proved to be unifying for VAM’s values and work. It is from CSR that most of our activities originate. Whether it’s saving energy, avoiding idle machines or making sure our employees are well and trained, it’s all about CSR. That it can also be done with a focus on improving the bottom line, we are only pleased about’, says Stine Hjortshøj Lajer.

The structured work with CSR has become a very good tool both within the company and in relation to customers who increasingly expect companies like VAM to have a CSR strategy.

‘After a year, the work on CSR is still new and there is still a lot to learn, but Dennis (Friis Thaagard, Director of Sustainor) has been very good at structuring the process for us and giving us concrete tasks that we have had to solve within a short deadline. In this way, we have implemented CSR in manageable chunks’, says Stine Hjortshøj Lajer.

CSR sharpens the strategic focus

Even if large construction machines necessarily use many litres of diesel no matter how you drive them, there is still money to be saved – and in that way, money to be made – by being aware of, for example, idle machines. And maybe one day, there will be construction machinery that pollutes significantly less.

‘We are not going to change the entire machinery tomorrow because there are challenges in delivering the power with other propellants than diesel, but we have clearly become sharper on what we’re going to do strategically, and we are not afraid to say that we dare to think long-term and will take the lead with CSR. We have had our values confirmed and we feel more confident when, for example, new requirements for CSR reporting come in’, says Stine Hjortshøj Lajer.

Facts about VAM A/S

VAM was founded in 1953. The construction company has since grown steadily and today has 134 employees. In 2014, VAM was named as Workplace of the Year by 3F.

Download the customer case from VAM A/S here

Read VAM’s CSR report here


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