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Euro Cater – CSR is good business

Common sense and thoughtfulness have always been at the heart of the food service company Euro Cater. What is done must be the right and resources have to be used appropriately. A CSR strategy does not change this fact, but the process initiated by new legal requirements has put workflows into place.

‘It was new legal requirements that set our development of a real CSR strategy in motion. If we were to start reporting on CSR anyway, we might as well do it properly. Much of what we already did was CSR, but working on the CSR strategy has put things in place’, says Henrik Ellegaard, CFO of Euro Cater.

The fact that CSR is also common sense and good business fits neatly into the corporate culture at Euro Cater.

The CSR process at Euro Cater

The work on the CSR strategy at Euro Cater is extensive and is part of an ongoing process, which is why many actions are still being implemented. During the process, Sustainor and Euro Cater have worked on the following policy topics:

  • Food safety
  • Environment and climate
  • Human rights
  • Anti-corruption
  • Supplier code
  • Employee code
  • Product policy with main focus on ecology, palm oil, seafood, animal welfare and local products

Supply chain management

Food safety, quality and shared trade are at the heart of everything Euro Cater does. The company is ISO certified in both environmental management and food safety management, and it is only natural that supplier management is also an essential part of the CSR strategy.

‘We are a relatively large company with a very wide product range and many larger and smaller suppliers. We have always had a good feeling about them, but with the CSR strategy we have become more systematic with the registration and risk assessment of our suppliers, and we are in the process of implementing the code of conduct’, explains Henrik Ellegaard.

Respect for food and people

Euro Cater wants to show respect for food as a resource and for the people involved in the whole food chain, from farm to fork. That is why the CSR strategy has been named ‘Respect for Food and People’ with the focus areas:

  • Sustainable trade
  • Sustainable operations
  • Good workplace

Hanne Frøkjær, group quality manager at Euro Cater, stresses that it will always be the customers who decide what Euro Cater delivers.

Euro Cater’s clear position is that changes in consumption patterns are most sustainable, and in extension, sustainable, if they are done with a clear market-driven focus. The strategy is then, that Euro Cater wants to ‘nudge’ customers to make a more socially responsible choice.

‘We sell the things customers want, but regarding the implementation of the CSR strategy, we have chosen to focus more on ecology and locally produced food in our webshop. It has become more apparent that customers can choose different solutions. On the whole, the CSR strategy has become a tool that makes it more apparent what we already do and want to do’, says Hanne Frøkjær.

Download the customer case from Euro Cater here

Read Euro Cater’s CSR strategy here


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