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B2C branding

Using CSR as part of one’s branding strategy is an important part of reaching customers and consumers. That’s why business-to-consumer branding (B2C) branding has become so essential.

The younger generations are very value-driven and make great demands as consumers of goods and services.

Today, much greater demands are made of the goods we buy, and the production, the quality, accountability and sustainability of the goods play a major role. This is why companies need to meet their customers where they are and actively speak to their desires and demands.

In very many industries, quite significant segments have emerged in the market that prefer goods produced socially responsibly – to this end, they are willing to pay for overpriced goods.

A more sustainable approach to business can make a company more attractive to customers and end users. This is done, for example, through certifications and labelling schemes such as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, DSC, MSC, FairTrade, and the EU Ecolabel. It can also be achieved through the company showing that it takes its share of the responsibility.

Through CSR branding, a company has the opportunity to reap greater value. This can increase customer goodwill, and enhance the bottom line. 

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