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AquaDjurs A/S – Clean water is CSR

Sometimes it’s mostly about saying what you do and why. This was the case when AquaDjurs began working with Sustainor. CSR is actually at the heart of what AquaDjurs delivers, and the collaboration with Sustainor has made it clear what the company does and why to employees, customers and owners alike.

Dennis Friis Thaagaard, Director of Sustainor, explains the cooperation with AquaDjurs:

‘I help AquaDjurs with the strategic development, and in their case, it makes no sense to divide the strategy into corporate strategy and CSR strategy. Everything AquaDjurs works with – drinking water, wastewater and climate protection – is associated with strong social responsibility, and in that was it is by definition CSR. That’s what we’re working on.’

One of the things on which the cooperation has been centred has been to put into words what kind of social responsibility a company like AquaDjurs promises.

‘It is important for AquaDjurs to formulate all the areas where they benefit society. It not only increases the employees’ pride in working for AquaDjurs. It also affects the surrounding community, from private customers to suppliers, if you are aware of what values you stand for and which way you want to go. Even for a local monopoly like AquaDjurs, it makes a lot of sense to work with CSR’, Dennis Friis Thaagaard says.

From shotgun to rifle

Palle Lyngsøe Mikkelsen, CEO of AquaDjurs, is very pleased with the cooperation with Sustainor.

‘The chemistry between us is good, and even if aren’t completely at the finish line yet, we have come a long way already. Dennis has consolidated our efforts with us, and you might say that we went from using a shotgun approach to a rifle approach’, says Palle Lyngsøe Mikkelsen.

It is primarily an awareness of the need to think about sustainability and climate change mitigation that has become clearer with both employees and the board of directors in AquaDjurs since the collaboration with Sustainor began.

A pure CSR company

‘When I first met Dennis (Friis Thaagaard) in a course on CSR, I realised that AquaDjurs is actually already a pure CSR company. Not just in some, but in all areas of our business, it is about a healthy environment’, explains Palle Lyngsøe Mikkelsen.

’The work with CSR is also an element of gaining greater pride with employees through the awareness of our social responsibility, including why we go to work. We are constantly working to find new angles on social responsibility’, explains Palle Lyngsøe Mikkelsen.

The “Fish don’t use pain killers” campaign, which AquaDjurs created with Reno Djurs and Syddjurs Spildevand, is an example of this. Another example is the development of the dissemination of knowledge about clean water together with the schools. Here, AquaDjurs is part of the teaching and gives school classes tours of the Fornæs Treatment Plant, where they explain about the delicate chemical links between what we pour in the sewer and what happens at the treatment plant.

Wind turbine and solar power

Among the very specific new CSR measures, it has been decided to set up a household wind turbine and a solar power plant at Fornæs Wastewater Treatment Plant.

‘We must always think green and be socially conscious, but it must also make sense economically. Doing this is both of these things’, says Palle Lyngsøe Mikkelsen.

In the future, AquaDjur will also cooperate with Sustainor and focus on social responsibility. Among other things, it has already been decided to implement three of the 17 UN Global Goals (SDGs).

Facts about AquaDjurs A/S

AquaDjurs cleans wastewater from 16,150 customers at Djursland. Annually, 4.2 million m3 wastewater is treated at Fornæs Treatment Plant. In addition, AquaDjurs operates two low-tech systems, one of which is located on Anholt.

AquaDjurs also produces almost 200,000 mdrinking water for 1800 customers in the western part of Norddjurs Municipality. The company is part of the Water Cooperation Vest Djursland.


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